Thanks to VIVO Selfie
everyone will be able to create their own liquids!
What is VIVO Selfie?

VIVO Selfie Premix is high quality, well-balanced, nicotine free aroma and VIVO Selfie Nicotine-Bases (0/6/12/18 mg of nicotine).
By mixing VIVO Selfie Premix with VIVO Selfie Nico-Bases you are able to create your own liquids!

What can I find in VIVO Selfie offer?

In VIVO Selfie Premix offer you can find 14 high quality aromas like Wild Strawberry, Peanut Butter Cookie, Watermelon Freeze, Aloe Cactus Lemon (and many more) and VIVO Selfie Nicotine-Bases.

How to mix VIVO Selfie?

To mix VIVO Selfie Premix with VIVO Selfie Nico-Base, you need to add 10 ml of VIVO Selfie Nico-Base to 50 ml of VIVO Selfie Premix. Shake it well and enjoy vaping! To see info-graphics with instructions click this link: MIX, SHAKE and VAPE!

Where can I buy VIVO Selfie?

VIVO Selfie Premix is absolutely NEW and we are working hard to distribute this product in your local stores with tobacco products.

Soon we will also open our online shop – just leave your e-mail address and we will update you – CONTACT

Can I order it online?

Soon but not yet 🙂

Send us a massage and we will let you know about VIVO Selfie Premix online shop! CONTACT

What should I know about VIVO?

All the VIVO e-cigarette liquids has been successfully notified in accordance with the Tobacco Product Directive notification of an e-liquid product using the European Commission Common Entry Gate. The TPD regulations place a legal obligation on the e-liquid producers to put in place a thorough testing of emission of the organic and inorganic substances in vapes generated from e-liquid during e-cigarette usage.

Composition of VIVO Selfie Premix Aromas

Ratio PG/VG:30% Propylen glycol (PG)
70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Nicotine free
14 different flavors